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Recent Events

Last month, IRPS organized a visit to the Bekasi locomotive driving "school" facilities. The highlight of the visit was the Hitachi EMU simulator.

As usual, all visits are preceded with introduction from both parties, IRPS and the host

IRPS presents BPTKA chief Ir. Honeng with a photograph of the CC200

The Hitachi EMU cab simulator

IRPS members and BPTKA staff pose next to the simulator

Cab riding from Bekasi to Jakarta

In May 2004, IRPS visited the Yogyakarta locomotive repair facilities (Balai Yasa), and the BPTT ("locomotive driving school"). Here are some photos from the event.

Posing in front of the gate

In the main repair hall

In the BPTT

Past events are available here.

Last updated October 6, 2004

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