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Friends of CC200 News

Latest update (July 2004)

Well, the webmaster DOES apologize for the lengthy period between updates. It has been more than one half of a year after the last update, as I have my own businesses to attend (and there were many of those).

To prove that railfans are NOT a bunch of sexless nerds, uninterested in the gentler sex, here is one proof. We do point our cameras on "interesting" subjects other than locomotives (ahem). The name of the game is Nova. She lives in Bandung and is a model and a drummer in a band.

Anyway, the Friends of CC200 have been quite active lately, with a celebration of the 125th anniversary of Bandung station, in which CC20015 was present as the guest star. Here are the photographs of the event.

Several Friends of CC200 ready to escort the locomotive for the trip between Cirebon and Bandung. From left to right, Widoyoko, Cahyo Harimurti, Addin Aristotika, Harsono

CC20015 and the DINLW dynamometer car on Track 9 of Bandung station

CC20015 being pulled cold by CC201103 to Bandung

Opening ceremony of the exhibition in celebration of Bandung station anniversary

Government officials visiting the dynamometer car

The public watching CC20015

Director for Business Development (Southeast Asia) of GE RAIL (Asia Tenggara) Satya with Friends of CC200 Sonny Gumilang and Widoyoko

CC20015 on return trip to Cirebon, hauled by CC20109

At Cikampek, CC20109 was uncoupled and returned light engine to Bandung. CC20015 continued on its own power to Cirebon

IRPS members also held a meeting and visited the Pengok diesel works in Yogyakarta, May 4, 2004.

The fiftieth celebration of the CC200 class was held on Sunday, September 28, 2003 in Cirebon station.

On August 25, 2003, a number of Friends of CC200-IRPS members (Amang Suramang, Bagus Widyanto, Budi B. Sofyan, Risman Hudiyanto and Widoyoko) and Antono Purnomo from Readers' Digest magazine, Indonesia Edition, visited Cirebon and participated in CC20015's last regular runs. The locomotive remains in use for non-revenue official uses in Daop 3 region, between Cirebon and Tanjungrasa. Friend of CC200 Amang Suramang made a documentary movie of the event, titled Swan Song of the Mascot, which will publicly premiere on September 28. Please contact Amang Suramang ( for further information. 

Following are photographs from the event:

CC20015 warms up in front of Cirebon depot

CC20015 readies for departure from Track 6 of Cirebon station

CC20015 enters Cipunegara station

Only the Argo express indicates that the picture was taken in 2003 instead of in 1953

CC20015 with its younger sibling CC20123 hauling the Cirebon Ekspres at Pabuaran station

CC20015 is prepared for the return to Cirebon. Friend of CC200 Widoyoko is in the cabin.

Friends of CC200-IRPS members pose with PT Kereta Api staff in front of CC20015 upon arrival at Cirebon

Friends of CC200-IRPS thanks PT Kereta Api, Daop 3 Cirebon, for the warm welcome, especially to Daop 3 chief Bambang Suhendrio, CC200 regular engineer Ukardi and assistant engineer Tara.

CC20015 still requires twelve new cylinder liners, as its current cylinder liners are only temporarily patched, and will only last for several months.

February 2003

CC20015 has been refurbished to near-original condition. Even the instrument panels have been repaired, and the cabins were repainted. It only lacks the etched-glass locomotive number on its sides.

The locomotive has been tested on a slow train from Cirebon to Jatibarang, and is scheduled to make another road test this month. It also needs a repair on its Westinghouse train braking system (the locomotive brake is already okay).

Cirebon depot staff are trying to repair CC20008. In February 2000, the locomotive substituted for a failed CC203 on the Argo Dwipangga express between Jatibarang and Cirebon, reaching a maximum speed of 90km/h. This effort resulted in damage to the cylinder liners, but showing what these half-a-century old locomotives could do when required!

CC20009 is not economically recoverable, and should be cosmetically restored and brought to a museum as a static display. Its innards have been cannibalized for other locomotives.

Here are photographs of CC20015, taken in a Friends of CC200 visit in January 16-17, 2003.

From left to right: Antono Purnomo (Reader's Digest reporter), Suherman (Cirebon depot technician), Ruswanto (Cirebon depot chief), Harriman Widiarto (IRPS), Eddy Mardijanto (IRPS), Suhartono (Head of Public Relations Dept., Cirebon Third Operational Region)

Previous news are available here

Last updated July 10, 2004
Photographs in this page were sent by Widoyoko (September) and Eddy Mardijanto (February).

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